The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

I am surprised, in a way, but artificial intelligence is now not only real, it is being used all of the time. You might not even know that you are using it or that it is using you. It is just a matter of what you are doing in a day now. For example, there are “ bots” performing all sorts of functions for you and you do not even know it.

The World of Technology

In the world of technology, there is information and there are actions performed because of or in relation to that information. Now, more and more is known about all sorts of users on the internet that it is possible for computers to form complete profiles of people.

And that is exactly what is happening right now. Every bit of information that you or I have typed into various systems over the last couple of decades is completely assimilated into databases. Now that we have smart “bots” performing a variety of functions to get information, we are virtually represented in cyberspace.


It is likely that you, as have I, made contact with artificial intelligence. It is not quite like the stories of contacting extraterrestrials but it has some similarities that should not be overlooked. On the one hand, these bots do learn from us.

They call up at odd hours of the day and pretend to be a person. By the time you realize this person is not at all with feeling and human reason, the bot has taken down what they can of your reactions and responses. Everything you said, anything at all, is recorded.

Now you are Data

Artificial intelligence is being used largely for collecting consumer data. Any time that you reply to a question survey of any kind online, that data is being assimilated. As a result, there are software programs that learn your propensities rather quickly and are able to present you with the most tantalizing options on your various device screens.

Does this sound familiar? Well, it is AI taking hold whether you like it or not. Chances are that you, like me, have taken advantage of some of the luxuries this can offer. Just consider the things like Alexa and Siri. Don’t they help a bit? They also collect data.

Human Versus Artificial

The largest argument to come up to this point is regarding the replacement of human jobs with automated systems and robots. It is a very real concern that I think we all need to be looking at. It takes much time to develop human skills but it takes less time to copy them into digital format.

We should be asking ourselves if we really need to rely on computers to this extent. While it is perfectly reasonable to allocate certain repetitive tasks to artificial intelligence, it may not be so wise to allocate real human abilities as such. It would be self-sabotage and we all know it.

It is time to be smart and to reconsider the human equation.