The Merging of Sciences

To some, it may seem like a long time ago that computing and engineering merged together. Perhaps it was, but the real development is only now just sparking up. Now technology is merging with most sciences, including biology, and the results are astonishing.

Convergence of Disciplines

The information age is the result of a convergence of communications with computing. It looks like we are looking at another huge shift in the way we understand reality. When we see biology merging with engineering, we should know that things are about to change.

Essentially, since the merging of computers into all physical industries, new understandings have arisen. It is easier to process information now and this is noticed by all people involved. Computers are being influenced by neuroscience as well as biology to the point OT artificial intelligence.

Beginnings of Science

Science really started out as a single discipline to study the mechanics of what is. That sort of focus only led to the development of many sub categories of understanding. As a result, various sciences took divergence from each other and there was a good reason for this.

Science has a primary intention of remaining objective so it is only natural that it took different divisions to make up the whole. Now that we have all of these different sciences, it seems to me like they are starting to speak to each other again.

Life and Science

We once believed that science was a way of explaining life. As it turns out, science might actually be life. As we seem to move further and further into the realms of digital existence, we are truly learning more about our reality than we have ever understood.

Take the Fibonacci constant as an example. Absolutely everything in nature from cellular division to the number of leaves to sprout from a given branch on a tree relate to this equation. It is very simple in many respects, and the foundation of all architecture, but it holds a real example of how technology can harmonize.

Setting Our Sights

As a human race, we need to realize that we have gained some very powerful knowledge. We now have the capacity to use computers with other sciences. Biology is merging with engineering to create better vehicles and methods of exploration. Conversely, computers are becoming able to understand biological patterns for prosthetic vision and hearing.

We are looking at a brilliant period of innovation that could only be eclipsed by restrictions on information. It is vital that we all remain equal and able to produce objective studies in all that we do. When we do this, we can rest assured that the merging of sciences will continue.

It is essential that we retain focus. I am just one observer and scientist as you are another. We would do well to respect all science and understand that we can work best together than apart. It is up to everyone in science now to make their mark but to leave all data open to interpretation from new and different points of view. Only in this way can we be truly objective.